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Php Image Hosting Script

published on 26 November 2004

Php Image Host is a new commercial script that lets you run your own image hosting business, with support for free and paid user accounts and a powerful admin control panel.

Officially launced today, my new php image hosting script is a commercial product available for instant download after purchase. A powerful browser-based admin control panel gives full control over members, uploaded images, plan details and more.

Users can sign up for an account to upload images which they can then browse, rename, resize and delete. For more information visit the site, or see the demo site at

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Demo Image Hosting Site
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Php Image Host
Visit the site for more information and to purchase a copy of the script.

Free Php Whois Script

published on 08 October 2004

SamsWhois is a free php domain name whois lookup script, with several funky features...

Sam's Whois is my imaginatively titled php whois lookup script. The main features are: Supports major tlds, easily add more - Checks authorative server as well as registry server for com and net - Quick and easy installation - hilight important items in the whois data and remove extraneous text for easy viewing of results - optionally require users to enter a random code displayed as an image to stop abuse of the service - cache lookup results to reduce strain on your server - Simple configuration of various options. Heavily commented example usage file included + documentation online.

See it for yourself... :p

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Sam's Whois Homepage
The home page for my php whois lookup script.

Create a Resume With The Resume Wizard

published on 13 January 2004

Looking for work? If you need some help with your resume, try out The Resume Wizard!

edit I no longer own this site, but it's still up and running. I have an older resume wizard site as well: end edit

My new resume advice site, with resume tips, links to useful resources and a free online resume wizard which lets you create a resume in 5 easy stages, then save it as text, html or pdf.

If you would like a resume wizard script on your site, you can add a free, popup, unbranded wizard, or purchase the code to the script. More details can be found here.

Try it out, its free :)

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Free Website Logos

published on 11 July 2003

If you need a new logo for one of your websites, try out my new site Free

Just a quicky, to let everyone know about my new site, where you can create a free logo for your website.

Enjoy :)


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Link to my new site Free, where you can create logos for your web sites, as well as other graphics.

New and coming soon

published on 22 October 2002

Need a business card? My business card creator is in still in the testing stage, as is my attempt to create pdf versions of the docs for my scripts.

Business Card Designer is a little online utility for creating your own business cards.

At present its a bit limited, but soon you'll be able to upload your own background images, logo, choose from a selection of designs, and do a bunch of other things too.

It outputs cards as pdfs right now, but should soon allow download as images.

PDF Printer friendly docs

Coming soon, printer friendly pdf versions of the docs for my scripts. I'm using the excellent php pdf class from R&OS Ltd for this (as well as the business cards pdf output). Its an open source, free for any use class for creating pdf documents. Highly recommended.

New Scripts

published on 10 September 2002

I've finally got around to adding some more scripts to this site. The best are mysqltemplate, morecache, bbtags and application object.

mysqltemplate is a major upgrade to my old datapager class. It uses templates to display sql query results easily, in tables (multiple columns) and can be used to provide paging through recordsets.

morecache is a replacement for my old gimmecache class.

application_object is an implementation of ASP's application object for php.

Visit the scripts section for these and more.

published on 09 September 2002

New support section for scripts.

If you need any help or support with the scripts on this site, you can now get it in the support section.

If you want to receive updates on my scripts, register in the forum in the support pages, and I'll add you to the mailing list.

And if you really want to, you can also donate to me if using my scripts for free gives you the urge :)

cheers, Sam

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This is a link to the support section of this site.

2 new websites

published on 19 July 2002

I've just launched 2 new websites -, and it's more entertaining partner, a site for job hunters. It features CV creation, management, download and email tools, as well as a job application tracker, personal diary, address book and favourite links list. All for free.

JigsawGrams is a php, ming and imagemagick powered site for creating personalised flash jigsawgrams. Upload your own picture, add your own message, and send one to someone you love! (or just want to entertain for a couple of minutes).

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The CVHelper website.

Ming Homepage
The ming (shockwave generator for php and others) website.

Personalised Jigsawgrams
Jigsaws Site

Back online

published on 13 July 2002

This site is now back online.

More news as I think it up :)

New version of gimmeCache

published on 22 April 2002

An updated version of gimmeCache is now available. Several improvements have been made based on users feedback.

***UPDATE*** gimmecache is no longer supported (or available)

Please use morecache instead.

gimmeCache now has the following additional features:

  • Cache to a database instead of files (files are usually faster though)

  • Support for custom session handling - ie when you imbed your own custom session identifier in a link - resources for web developers

published on 18 April 2002 launches with the release of gimmeCache on

samscripts received its first visitors today after my script 'gimmeCache' appeared on the phpclasses website. A bit of a shock
to see the number of visitors go from 1 (myself) to several hundred in a few hours, but all good really.

Over the next few weeks I will start adding more scripts and articles to this site, but right now I am concentrating on getting
my template system working.

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