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Email address validation function

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Email address validation function

Simple function to validate email addresses.


This function just checks to see if an email address is syntactically correct. It doesn't verify that the address actually exists.

I didn't create this myself, but found it on the net ages ago.


if( validate_email($email) == true ){
"Yay! $email is valid!";
"Sorry, $email is not a valid email address.";


function validate_email($email){
   if (
eregi("(@.*@)|(\.\.)|(@\.)|(\.@)|(^\.)", $email) ||
eregi ("^.+\@(\[?)[-_a-zA-Z0-9\.]+\.([a-zA-Z]{2,3}|[0-9]{1,3})(\]?)$", $email)) {
   } else {
$user, $domain) = explode("@", $email);
      if ((!
eregi("^[_a-zA-Z0-9\.\-]+$", $user)) ||
eregi("^[_a-zA-Z0-9\.\-]+$", $domain))) {
      } else {


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